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What does the First Quarter Moon Phase Mean?

Updated: Aug 30

The First Quarter Moon is the moment in the cycle where we are asked to commit to our wishes and desires.

The First Quarter Moon is sometimes known for highlighting obstacles and offering us challenges.

This phase of the Moon happens when the Moon and Sun are at a 90 degree angle to each other in the sky. This is called a square aspect in astrology.

We can see one half of the Moon illuminated at this time, sometimes called the half Moon.

Rituals for the First Quarter Moon

When we are presented with obstacles or roadblocks on our manifesting journey, it’s often one of two things that are happening.

Firstly it could be that you are not really in alignment with the intention you set. The First Quarter Moon is asking you to really look at your intentions, are they being set from a place of expectation of how others think your life should look?

On the other hand, these challenges could be simply asking you to reaffirm your commitment to the manifestation. If everything was just handed to us really easily, it wouldn’t feel as joyful and magical when we achieve our goals right? The Universe just wants to check that what you say you want, is indeed what you want.

Because manifesting is a co-creation with the Universe, the ritual for this moon is to set yourself up with an action list. What can you do to push you closer to your dreams and desires? Is there an event you could attend, do you need to press publish on your website? What action can you take to show the Universe you are ready to meet half way?

Yoga for the First Quarter Moon

The energy in the sky is building and we are officially at the phase where the action begins.

This is a great time to really focus on your more energetic yoga flows, pop into a Hatha Yoga class or try out Ashtanga if you really want a strong practice.

The key here is that we want to start getting all that energy moving around the body, and because generally speaking we have more energy during this week of the cycle, why not use some of that up on the mat?

Crystals for the First Quarter Moon

My favourite crystal for this phase of the Moon is Tigers Eye. This gorgeous crystal offers us a boost in confidence, willpower and integrity. Exactly what we need when we are faced with a challenge.

Tigers Eye will support you through these challenges by boosting your strength, courage and endurance.

Journal Prompts for the First Quarter Moon

What actions can I take to move me closer to my dreams?

How can I support myself during this time?

What is within my control right now that I can move forward with?

First Quarter Moon Questions for the Tarot/Oracle Cards

What in my life do I need to celebrate right now?

What are the unique gifts I can use to navigate this energy?

What message do I need to hear from the Universe?

How can I continue to grow during this cycle?

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