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Being in a shape is not yoga.  Paying attention to what you are doing when you're doing it is yoga. - Jason Crandell

121 Packages

Choose a mini 121 Course to suit your needs

121 Yoga for Beginners

A 6 week course of private 121 sessions for complete beginners or those looking to get back into group classes.  These sessions will help you to get to grips with the basics of yoga and prepare you for starting group classes, each session builds on the one before so you get a chance to keep practicing.

Week 1 - Introduction to Yoga - The Sun Sequence

Week 2 - Be a Warrior - Standing Postures

Week 3 - You Can Touch Your Toes - Forward Folding

Week 4 - Create a Flexible Spine - Backbending

Week 5 - Building Your Foundations - Balancing

Week 6 - Let's Twist Again - Seated Postures & Twists

Each session we will work on

  • Getting you comfortable with the basics of a yoga practice

  • Postures suitable for beginners

  • Building your confidence for group classes

  • How to use props to support you and get you safely in and out of postures

This package also includes

  • Yoga starter kit - Includes a yoga mat, 2x yoga bricks and a yoga strap

  • A digital copy of each practice (with pictures!) so you can practice what you have learnt between sessions

This six week course is designed for 1 session once every 1-2 weeks, however, I know that life can be busy so if you need to have one session a month that is also an option.

You will book your first session as part of the purchase, after which you will receive a link and a code to book the remaining 5 sessions which you can do all at once or one at a time.

Please note - all sessions must be used within the 6 month period, any remaining unused sessions will expire after this time.

Your Investment


Price correct within 5 miles of WS8, please get in touch for prices outside of this area.

Why Choose A Yoga 121?

Why schedule a Yoga 121?  These are just some of the reasons you might want to consider a 121.

If you have ever worried about joining a yoga class because you might be the only person who doesn't know what they are doing, then a course of 121's can help you to get the basic knowledge and confidence you need to be about to step out on that mat in class setting for the first time.  

My classes centre around a strong belief that not every pose is for every body and therefore do not focus on achieving any particular postures, however I do completely understand if there are just those poses that you would love to work towards.  We can create a plan together to help you to build strength or open the body to help you get closer to some of these poses.

If you have an injury, or particular tightness or discomfort in the body, we can work together to find adjustments or learn how to use props in your practice so that you can enjoy your yoga to the fullest.  This is also really beneficial if you still want to attend public classes and want to know what to do instead of what the rest of the class is doing without having to need too much instruction from the teacher during a flow.

Equally, you might just like to practice at home and have no desires to attend public classes.  We can work together to build you an effective and unique home practice that works on the goals you set and more importantly that you enjoy and want to build upon.

When you book a 121 you get to set your practice, what are your goals when it comes to yoga?  Whether you are a beginner or have an established practice you can benefit from having the sole attention of your yoga teacher while you practice. 

I would like to invite you to book a FREE discovery call via Zoom, during which we have a chance to get to know each other a little, discuss the goals you would like to set for your sessions as well as your experience with yoga so far and what your long term goals might be.

From there you will the option to book your first sessions, these can be to fit around your life.  I recommend booking at least 6 sessions to get the most out of our work together and a minimum of 1 session a month however you can book them weekly if that works better for you!

Sessions are priced at £35 an hour.  (Within a 5 mile radius of WS8, please get in touch for prices outside of this area.

You can book your FREE discovery call here, they are scheduled for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Book a Class

Book your FREE Yoga 121 Discovery Call


I've been to Emma's class and took my neighbour with me. Emma is lovely, and all the ladies there were very welcoming and friendly. Would totally recommend


I cannot express the thanks to Emma for not only improving my body, but also my mind and view on life.  It is a positive energy that not only improves me but also other people I interact with.


Coming to yoga later in life I find Emma's style of teaching very enjoyable, a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere.  Explaining and demonstrating all the poses with alternatives

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