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The Ritual Coven

Magic & Manifesting

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Monthly New Moon Ritual

Each month you'll get a new video about the New Moon and the theme of the moon to help guide you towards setting your intentions for the cycle.

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Monthly Mini Courses

Learn something new or deepen your knowledge with our mini courses.  Each topic is broken down into bite sized courses, each course is self paced so you can tackle the information in your own time and your own way.

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Monthly Meditations & Yoga Nidras

New meditations or yoga nidra recordings uploaded every month.  Plus you have access to all previous recordings to use whenever you like.

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Full Access to the Online Grimoire

Our brand new online database! Our topics cover moon magic, astrology, yoga, aromatherapy, crystals, herbs and tarot!  Watch the database come alive and learn something new!

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Book Club

A new book every quarter, with monthly optional meet ups to chat about what we are reading.  A cosy treat to read along as we explore personal development, spiritual development and juicy magical novels. 

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Priority Invitations

Priority access to any online moon events, online yoga nidras or other online workshops that may be offered throughout the year.  Be the first to know and get exclusive discounts.

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Exclusive Discounts

As a member you will receive an exclusive 10% discount in the online store, get all of your ritual tools and goodies and save too!

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