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Monthly Content Modules

Every month, you'll get a new content module added which will be a topic covering moon manifesting, astrology, spirituality, self care and magic!

You'll now get a monthly theme which will include a masterclass, themed workbook, meditation and yoga nidra each and every month.

Join the magic of having a growing library of information to learn and absorb in your own time and at your own pace.

Monthly Moon Planner

Each month you'll receive an exclusive mini planner which will give you all the dates of the planet movements, aspects and Moon phases. So you can plan your month out and watch the videos for each transit for more insight. 

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Online Circle

Each month we will have an exclusive members only meet up online. These sessions will remain unrecorded to allow a safe space for people to share and ask questions. Join us to talk about the months topics, pull some cards and enjoy a chat.

Join our Book Clubs

As a member of the Ritual Coven, you'll have free access to our book clubs. Whether you want to join us for Spiritual & Personal Development, or you want to get lost in a fantasy... you can just pick up the book in your preferred format and join us once a month for a cuppa and a chat!

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Price increasing on the 1st April - join now at the founders prices and lock in this price for as long as you are a member!

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