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121 Astrology & Manifesting Coaching

Astrology & Manifesting Coaching

This 121 coaching package offers a unique combination of astrology and manifesting that will help you make meaningful transformations in your life.


Over three moon cycles, we will explore different aspects of your birth chart and work together to set your new moon intentions. 

The Schedule

Call 1 - The Elements in Your Chart & Upcoming New Moon Themes

Call 2 - The Power in Your Big Three & Upcoming Full Moon Themes

Call 3 - Mercury Mindset & Upcoming New Moon Themes

Call 4 - Saturn's Life Lessons & Upcoming Full Moon Themes

Call 5 - The North Node & Upcoming New Moon Themes

Call 6 - Your Power House & Upcoming Full Moon Themes

Birth Chart Readings
Astrology Coaching

This coaching is for you if:

  • You're feeling stuck in your manifesting journey

  • You crave accountability to take actions towards your dreams

  • You want to learn more about your birth chart

  • You want to go deeper into the moon cycles

  • You are ready to step into transformation and magic in your life

Over the 3 months we will meet online for an hour once every 2 weeks, before a New Moon and then a Full Moon.

Before the first call you will be given some worksheets to complete and send back to me (along with your birth chart details) so I can begin to create your personal sacred container.

Then on each call we will use the moon and your birth chart to set powerful intentions that excite you to move forward.

Between each call there will be mini assignments to complete to keep you on track and accountable - as I can show you the door, but you have to do the work and walk through!

Astrology Readings

The Investment



Upon successful application, you’ll be offered all available time slots and upcoming start dates I have via email, once chosen that time slot will be made available for you every other week for 3 months and your booking and payment link will be sent to you.  If I'm at full capacity for the month, I will let you know via email and offer the next available slots.

Application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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