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What Does The Last Quarter Moon Mean

The Last Quarter Moon marks the final phase of the moon cycle, it's time to let go.

The Last Quarter Moon is the last major aspect before we arrive back at the New Moon.

We have now reached the final phases of the monthly moon cycle. With this Last Quarter Moon we practice letting go.

It is an extremely important phase as the work we do at the Last Quarter Moon and the week leading up to the New Moon will set us up for starting the new cycle feeling fresh and ready to manifest.

Letting go means releasing attachment to the outcomes of the things we are manifesting. If we try and manifest out of need or lack, we are putting the wrong energy out into the Universe. It is only by releasing and letting go, being ok with any outcome, that we truly move from a place of trust and flow.

Magic of the Last Quarter Moon

When we make letting go a consistent practice in our lives, we are actually creating the space for the universe to bring our manifesting into reality.

This can be letting go of a situation, something material or it can be letting go of control. Sometimes when we are trying to manifest, we get so caught up in the vision of how we want something to look or how we want something to happen that we don't create the space to allow the universe and divine timing to work their magic.

Letting go is about making peace, being ok with life as it is right now. Releasing attachments to a specific outcome means that we can lean into the idea of "this or something better".

Remember that when things aren't working out the way we wanted, often it's because the Universe has something better in store. We just have to trust and be willing to make the space.

Astrology of the Last Quarter Moon

Once again, just as the First Quarter Moon, the Sun and Moon are making a square to each other.

Squares represent a tension between two planets, with those two planets representing a part of our personality. The Sun is our outward facing personality and the moon our internal emotional body.

This square can show us our frustrations in what hasn't gone well this month, which is another good reason to practice forgiveness and letting go during the waning phases of the moon.

Using the Last Quarter Moon to Let Go

One of my favourite practices at the Last Quarter Moon is to make a list of all the things that I know I need to let go of. There might be too much to really let go all in one moon cycle, but I write them all down either way.

From the list I number each one from 1-10, the higher the number the more that the belief, situations or things is holding me back.

Then I choose one thing to really work on letting go of as the moon moves through the Last Quarter and into the waning crescent.

I then burn the list. This releases all of the blockages into the universe, trusting in the process that things will be removed that need to be removed.

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Emma Lycett The Ritual Witch

Emma Lycett | The Ritual Witch

Emma is a Yoga Teacher, Moon Manifestor, Spiritual Coach, Reiki & Massage Therapist.

Emma offers yoga classes & events in Cannock, as well as an online Ritual Coven dedicated to supporting others with their spiritual practices

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