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What Does The Full Moon Do For Crystals?

What does it mean to cleanse a crystal? It's often a part overlooked by many when they begin their crystal collection, but it is a very rewarding practice and the Full Moon can help us out.

When we cleanse a crystal, we aren't making them physically clean we are clearing out any energy that has been absorbed by the crystal.

There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals, using water, smoke and other methods however, using the Full Moon energy is my preferred method as some crystals can dissolve in water where as there are no crystals that can not be put out under the light of a Full Moon.

The reason we cleanse and charge crystals is so that they have been cleared out of any old energy, any stagnant energy, and are recharged with fresh new energy for you to work with. You can think of it like pressing a reset button on your crystals.

It is many people's belief that the Full Moon energy can reset your crystals to their original positive energies. This is especially important for you to do if your crystals are used by other people or you have been using them to help you clear out stuck energy from your life. It's also important if your crystals have just been sat around as decoration in your home.

You can choose to recharge your crystals following the Full Moon with your positive intentions, holding them in your hand and feeling the energy of the intention moving into the crystal. This will help to make the natural properties and healing powers of the crystal more potent.

All you need to do to cleanse your crystals under the Full Moon is to lay them out in a safe place (a window shelf will work if you do not have access to a safe outdoor space) and leave them overnight.

You do not need to worry about getting the crystals in direct moonlight, remember that the Moon herself does not generate her own light, it is the reflection of the Sun that we can see in the sky and that light will be absorbed and will charge and cleanse your crystals.

Will you be leaving your crystals out under the next Full Moon?

Until next time, keep unleashing your magic

Emma xx


Emma Lycett The Ritual Witch

Emma Lycett | The Ritual Witch

Emma is a Yoga Teacher, Moon Manifestor, Spiritual Coach, Reiki & Massage Therapist.

Emma offers yoga classes & events in Cannock, as well as an online Ritual Coven dedicated to supporting others with their spiritual practices

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