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Understanding The Phases Of The Moon

Updated: Feb 22

Understanding The Phases of the Moon

What if the key to the biggest shifts in your life was right there, in the sky, night after night?

You may already be aware of the idea of the Law of Attraction, manifesting or The Secret, they have become more and more popular terms in recent years.  You might have even tried to set intentions or manifest something into your life, but maybe it didn't quite work out the way that you hoped... this is where the lunar cycles come into play.

The Moon shows us when it is time to gather and grow and when it is time to release and let go.

You may also have come across the idea behind manifesting "Ask, Believe, Receive".  Sounds super simple, right?  A little too simple?  I want to offer you some extra words here.  Action, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Release, Rest.....

The Moon takes us through each of these stages each month, mirrored by her phase in the sky and when we learn how to notice and work with these phases it not only supports us in having a more grounded and proactive approach to life, but strengthens our manifesting abilities with it's lunar magic dust and helps us to create the change we want to see in our internal and external worlds.

Let's explore the 8 phases of the moon cycle.

The New Moon

The New Moon is the part of the cycle when we begin to create the magic, to look to our dreams and see the potential in front of us.  We can connect to our inner world and ask for the things that we really want from our lives.  


It's a time to look forward and plan the future, remembering that anything is possible for us.

It's often described as being the time for planting new seeds for the future, the New Moon offering the fertile soil in which to plant those seeds and the cycle that is beginning offers them space and time to grow.

Waxing Crescent Moon

As we move through the week following a New Moon the moon appears to grow in size making it's way towards the Full Moon. It's still a time of darkness, although the nights are getting lighter and lighter as we move through this phase.


This phase is a time for internal growth, to visualise and dream about the intentions we set coming true. See them as if they are already happened and begin to feel the feelings of your manifestations coming to you.


Even though this is a time to work on yourself, your beliefs and clarity around your dreams, make sure that you are still taking any aligned action that feels right at this stage too!

First Quarter Moon

We are now in the middle of the waxing phase of the moon, from here until the Full Moon is the real manifesting phase, it is the point in the cycle when we can really call our visualisation into reality.


It may seem at this point that the universe is throwing you a curve ball or two, our reactions to these are key. We can either let them fill us with doubt or we can rise above them and keep our faith.


Sometimes what we thought we wanted doesn't really align with our true self and values, other times we can notice that we are not asking for something for the right reasons. The Universe just wants that check in with us.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This week is all about taking action. We have a week left until the peak of the cycle and this is our chance to really push towards our goals and dreams.

The moon is growing in the sky and with it our manifestations are also growing. Notice the signs that the Universe is sending your way.

Taking aligned action means that we are trusting the nudges from the Universe as well as our own intuition. Say yes to the things that will get you closer to your dreams and yes to the things that feel good to say yes to!

Full Moon

Full Moon is the peak of the monthly moon cycle, when the moon is the brightest in the sky. This is generally a time for celebration and gratitude.


At this point in the cycle you may have already manifested your New Moon Intention, or have seen signs that the manifestation is on it's way. If this is true for you at this point then indeed it is a time for celebration and to express gratitude for the magic you have created.


If your New Moon intentions have not yet manifested or you seem to have faced many blockages and obstacles during the waxing phases of the moon, find gratitude for all of the experiences and lessons you have had.

Waning Gibbous Moon

As the moon now begins her journey back towards the New Moon, this half of the cycle is about releasing and healing.


This week especially is about forgiveness, think about who you need to forgive as well as making sure you forgive yourself.


This is an important step, more so if you have come up against doubt and blockages this month. It helps us to identify our mental blocks and begin to move past them. These practices help us to gain a deeper trust in the manifestation process, so when we set our New Moon intentions we are stronger.

Last Quarter Moon

We have now reached the final phases of the monthly moon cycle. With this Last Quarter Moon we practice letting go.

It is an extremely important phase as the work we do at the Last Quarter Moon and the week leading up to the New Moon will set us up for starting the new cycle feeling fresh and ready to manifest.

Letting go means releasing attachment to the outcomes of the things we are manifesting. If we try and manifest out of need or lack, we are putting the wrong energy out into the Universe. It is only by releasing and letting go, being ok with any outcome, that we truly move from a place of trust and flow.

Waning Crescent Moon

You've heard the expression 'You can't pour from an empty cup' before, right?


This week is all about rest and relaxation, the work has been done and now we care for ourselves before planting the next seed of intention.


Cancel plans if you need to, schedule time to take long baths or read a book. Do the things you know nurture your soul. What feels like self care to you? What activities make you feel rested and fulfilled?

I hope this blog post has given you an insight to working with the Moon phases each month. Don't forget if you want to dive deeper into working with the phases of the Moon you can check out my Moon Phases Course which is available on it's own or you will find it included in The Ritual Coven membership.

Stay magical

Emma xx


Emma Lycett The Ritual Witch

Emma Lycett | The Ritual Witch

Emma is a Yoga Teacher, Moon Manifestor, Spiritual Coach, Reiki & Massage Therapist.

Emma offers yoga classes & events in Cannock, as well as an online Ritual Coven dedicated to supporting others with their spiritual practices

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