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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing uses crystals on the vital energy points of your body, which helps balance and re-align the energies within your aura.  The aim is to treat you as a whole, body, mind and soul, brining into balance the subtle energy within the body.  Crystals are intuitively chosen for you and placed where the healer feels they will be most beneficial.

Bring yourself a taste of peace and calm with this wonderful treatment. As you relax on the couch I will use the healing energy of crystal wands, feathers and rattles to cleanse your aura and balance your chakra's to offer you this peaceful, calming hour to yourself.

Healing Stones

1. Restores balance and flow of energy in the mind and body

Crystals affect the energy flow through the chakras and the aura, helping to remove blockages andclear stuck energy. 

2. Improves the immune system

It can help to strengthen the immune system and help to regulate the internal systems within the body helping to keep us strong

3. Helps to ease stress and anxiety

Crystal healing is known to help promote relaxation and increase our sense of calm and happiness, helping in turn to relieve stress and anxiety.

4. Connects you to your spirituality

It can help you to reconnect with your spiritual practices, of deepen that connection.

5.  Boosts energy levels

Often clients report a sense of feeling uplifted and energetic following a healing, we can link this back the removal of blockages, enabling you to move forwards in your life. 

5 Benefits of Crystal Healing

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