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Emma is an Astrologer, Moon Circle Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Crystal Healer and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist.  She is also currently training for her Clinical Aromatherapy qualification with Penny Price Aromatherapy.

Hey!  My name is Emma and I am a yoga teacher, holistic therapist, geek, adrenaline junkie and spiritual addict!!

I always felt from a very young age that there was more, more than just what we can see with our eyes.​  I had a tough childhood, being bullied throughout most of my school years, which then manifested again in relationships.  I learnt how to break free of these patterns, hush the inner critic that said I didn't deserve more and I began to fall in love with myself again.

Now I'm all grown up.... I am passionate about helping people to fall in love with themselves too!

You are UNIQUE

I want you to love yourself body, mind and soul.

Have you heard the phrase... Yoga is for everyBODY?  Yes!  Yoga is for everybody, but not every pose is for everybody.

Just like our birth chart is completely individual to us, mapping out the exact position of the stars at the moment we are born.... our skeleton and structure is also just as individual, just as unique.  I want to empower you to find the movement in your body that makes it feel good!  I want you to love your body exactly the way it is now.

I combine my passion for yoga, astrology & lunar magic with a specially selected range of holistic therapies to bring a sprinkle of magic into your life.  Most of all, I create relaxed and light-hearted atmospheres in all that I do because life isn't meant to be that serious!

Oh, and in my spare time I love to hand make, craft and curate special goodies to help support you on your journey.

I'll see you soon

Love, Light & Magic xx

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