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Full Moon in Gemini - November 2023

Your guide to the moon cycle ahead.

Full Moon in Gemini

This Full Moon in Gemini will be asking you to get really clear on your habits and desires.

With the Sun in the philosophical Sagittarius and the Moon in curious Gemini our focus may be switching between the need to figure our the details and the more expansive and broad dreams and desires we hold.

This Full Moon also happens under a tense formation of planets, known as a T Square, with Saturn in Pisces being our biggest hurdle to overcome. Saturn in Pisces is trying to teach us softness and compassion, but is being challenged by this Full Moon that has us stuck in doing the details.

The release point of the T Square lies in the energy of Virgo, meaning that we need to make sure that we are considering our health and how our actions are of service during this phase of the moon.

A Gemini Full Moon is the time to think about how you communicate, are you using your words to teach and inspire or to gossip? Have you been giving up on things and changing your mind too easily? Have you been expanding your mind enough?

It's also a good time to find a balance between your desire to know everything (Gemini...) and actually taking time to learn (Sagittarius...).

Yoga Pose Focus for this Full Moon

Gemini energy is often known for it's communication and chatty nature so we want our physical practice to help us to connect with the throat and our voice.

One of my favourite poses for a Gemini Full Moon is Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) which helps us to find balance and open up the heart and hips, aligning with the communicative and adaptable qualities often associated with Gemini.

Rituals for the Full Moon

For each Full Moon I build an altar to practice gratitude, a space where I can really feel into all the abundance of this moon cycle.

I also really love to use scent in all my rituals and this month I'll be using the deep and mysterious Gemini Wax Melts on my altar as I relax into my space.

Gemini is all about how we find curiosity in the world and communicate with others, so it might be time to arrange that get together with friends or start something that engages your thirst for knowledge.

Lastly, Gemini is an Air sign so taking time to connect with the breath, spending time with loved ones and challenging the mind are all lovely ways to connect with this energy.

Crystal for the Full Moon in Gemini

I've chosen Blue Lace Agate for this Full Moon for promoting communication, particularly in expressing thoughts and feelings.

Hold or place Blue Lace Agate under the moonlight to cleanse and charge its energy. Meditate with it to enhance your ability to articulate thoughts and connect with others.

Journal Prompts for the Gemini Full Moon

Your journaling prompts for this Full Moon are all around your sense of versatility and communication.

1. How have my communication skills evolved over the past lunar cycle?

2. Are there areas of my life where you can embrace change more readily?

3. What new ideas or concepts have captured my interest recently? How can I further explore and integrate these into my life?

Oracle Card Message for this Full Moon

Waxing Crescent Moon

Full Moon in Gemini Oracle Card

Card Description - Whatever is coming your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. The New Moon in Sagittarius can mark the restart of fun after a period of feeling low. The energy is adventurous and even willing to take a few risks - but be careful you don't bet the farm on something here, as the wheel of fortune is still spinning! This card is about exploring life metaphorically, by exchanging big idea with others or just thinking about your own philosophies. Perhaps it's time to change your mind about something important? It can also signal that a trip away is coming up, if that's something you're working to achieve. But the overall message of this card is that whatever happens next will be some sort of gift, even if that simply means widening your world view.

I hope that you have a wonderful and magical Gemini Full Moon!

Until the New Moon

Emma xx

*Please note - this blog contains affiliate links, therefore if you purchase using one of the links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


Emma Lycett The Ritual Witch

Emma Lycett | The Ritual Witch

Emma is a Yoga Teacher, Moon Manifestor, Spiritual Coach, Reiki & Massage Therapist.

Emma offers yoga classes & events in Cannock, as well as an online Ritual Coven dedicated to supporting others with their spiritual practices

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