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Mystical Moon Rituals

Mystical Moon Rituals

Unleash Your Magic

Movement - Manifesting - Magic

Mystical Moon Rituals is a community for those who seek to connect with the power of the stars and manifest their dreams into reality. Everything I do is designed to bring the ancient wisdom of astrology into modern day living, making it easier than ever to align with the energies of the universe and make your dreams come true.

I provide in person and online services, from personalised astrology readings to manifesting rituals that will help you find alignment and create the life you desire. As well as hand made and curated altar tools and spell items to support all your magical workings.

Astrology in Cannock

The Rituals

Birth Chart Readings

Guiding you through the moon cycles and planetary shifts to help you deeply transform your life.  Tap into the magic of your Birth Chart to see how the astrology of today affects you personally.​

Crystal Healing in Cannock

Bring your energies back into balance with a Crystal Healing or Reiki session in the comfort of your own home.  If you want to continue your work with Crystals you can always order some for your collection!

Yoga Classes in Cannock

Yoga Workshops and Classes inspired by the seasons and connecting you to the zodiac signs.  Our weekly classes focus on a new pose each month for you to work up to and build on.

Spiritual Book Club

Expand your knowledge and transport yourself to other worlds.  Choose from our 2 book clubs, The Spiritual Reader or the Fantasy & Horror Book Club.  You can also check out a selection of journals.

Vegan Soy Wax Melts

Hand crafted and unique wax melt collections inspired by the moon phases, the zodiac and the seasons.

Add scent to your altar and your rituals as well as make your home smell amazing.

Tarot Card Reading in Cannock

Tarot & Oracle Cards can offer wisdom and insight to our daily life as well as adding interesting guidance to your astrology transits and healing practices.  Book readings or begin to learn for yourself.

New In This Week

Our February content in the Ritual Coven is The Moon Phases!

You can now join us in the course, or you can get access to this and all future monthly topics by joining The Ritual Coven.

This course includes

detailed videos and information for each phase of the moon

Moon Phases Workbook

Correspondences for each moon phase

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Extra ideas and tips for working with the moon

Moon Phases Course

Upcoming Event

February Book Club - Iron Flame
February Book Club - Iron Flame
Membership Offer
26 Feb 2024, 19:00 GMT
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Mystical Moon Rituals

Hi! I'm Emma

Are you ready to step into a life that feels more aligned, magical and free?

I can help you:

  • Set powerful and aligned intentions to manifest your dreams

  • Discover your unique birth chart blueprint and how you can use it to find more balance in your life

  • Learn to trust in your own power alongside the magic of the Universe

Emma from Mystical Moon Rituals
Astrology & Manifesting Membership

The Ritual Coven

Join the community and receive monthly guidance and support.

  • Monthly Course Topics

  • Monthly Book Club

  • PDF Workbooks, worksheets and downloads

  • Yoga Nidra/Meditation Recordings


I've been to Emma's class and took my neighbour with me. Emma is lovely, and all the ladies there were very welcoming and friendly. Would totally recommend


I cannot express the thanks to Emma for not only improving my body, but also my mind and view on life.  It is a positive energy that not only improves me but also other people I interact with.


Coming to yoga later in life I find Emma's style of teaching very enjoyable, a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere.  Explaining and demonstrating all the poses with alternatives

Mystical Moon Rituals
Mystical Moon Rituals

Manifesting & Ritual Support Group

Join Emma's Private Facebook Group

Are you looking to deepen your connection to yourself and get support in manifesting the life that you truly desire?

We aim to support and nurture each other to find our most magical selves through ritual, the law of attraction and astrology.

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Mystical Moon Rituals

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