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Phases of the Moon

Manifesting with the moon's cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and delivery manifestors.

-Yasmin Boland, Moonology

What if the key to the biggest shifts in your life was right there, in the sky, night after night?

You may already be aware of the idea of the Law of Attraction, manifesting or The Secret, they have become more and more popular terms in recent years.  You might have even tried to set intentions or manifest something into your life, but maybe it didn't quite work out the way that you hoped... this is where the lunar cycles come into play.

The Moon shows us when it is time to gather and grow and when it is time to release and let go.

You may also have come across the idea behind manifesting "Ask, Believe, Receive".  Sounds super simple, right?  A little too simple?  I want to offer you some extra words here.  Action, Gratitufe, Forgiveness, Release, Rest.....

The Moon takes us through each of these stages each month, mirrored by her phase in the sky and when we learn how to notice and work with these phases it not only supports us in having a more grounded and proactive approach to life, but strengthens our manifesting abilities with it's lunar magic dust and helps us to create the change we want to see in our internal and external worlds.

Let's explore the 9 phases of the moon cycle.

New Moon

Image by Ken Cheung

The New Moon is the part of the cycle when we begin to create the magic, to look to our dreams and see the potential in front of us.  We can connect to our inner world and ask for the things that we really want from our lives.  


It's a time to look forward and plan the future, remembering that anything is possible for us.

It's often described as being the time for planting new seeds for the future, the New Moon offering the fertile soil in which to plant those seeds and the cycle that is beginning offers them space and time to grow.


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