Yoga Mat and Straps

Yoga 121

Why schedule a Yoga 121?  These are just some of the reasons you might want to consider a 121.

-Gain confidence and a knowledge of the basic poses before joining a public class

-Set your classes around a particular pose you want to work on

-Learn how to modify for your body or work with an area of the body you want to focus on

-Work through injuries

-You prefer to practice in your own space and would like personal guidance.

When you book a 121 you get to set your practice, what are your goals when it comes to yoga?  Whether you are a beginner or have an established practice you can benefit from having the sole attention of your yoga teacher while you practice. 

During your free discovery call (which will take place via Zoom), we will discuss the benefits of working together and chat about your top 3 yoga goals.

From there you will have access to book a course of 6 sessions in which we will work towards those goals.  There is no set right or wrong when it comes to yoga, your practice will develop and evolve during our sessions and we will discuss progress after each session to see where we need to tweak or adapt.

Investment - 6 x Yoga 121 - £210

You can book your discovery call here, they are scheduled for a maximum of 30 minutes.