Full Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon arrives to ask you to let go of your limitations, to find unwavering belief in yourself.

Full Moon in Aries

You may have set yourself some intentions at the last New Moon, yet now, here under the light of the Full Moon something hasn't been clicking into place.  

This moon is asking you to look at the reasons why you might be holding yourself back, to shine light into those dark areas of the mind and challenge the narratives that keep you playing small.

Where do you need to make changes?  Or set new or stronger boundaries?

Aries Full Moons also ask us to check in with our relationships, with others and with ourselves.  Aries sits directly opposite Libra and if Libra is about US, then Aries is about ME.

Aries energy is fiery, it is the first sign of the Zodiac, the impulsive, the rash and is packed with energy.  Have you been too hot headed these last couple of weeks?  Have you been trying to run before you could walk?

Have you been making time to have some fun?