Mystical Moon Yoga

Yoga means many things to many different people.  On the most basic level the word yoga means union, you can translate that to meaning union of the body and mind, the body and the breath... the body and the soul..... or all of those things and more. 
The answer to the question "what is yoga?" is something that only you can answer, what is yoga for you?  Everyone's practice is different, whether you use it for relaxation, meditation or to get deep into your body, yoga is a personal and individual as you are.  It's entirely your choice how you want to practice your yoga.
I offer different styles of Yoga and different ways to practice with me so that you can dip in and out as the mood or the need takes you..
Yoga Studio

Weekly Classes

Please note public yoga classes are currently not running due to Covid19 restrictions.

I am hoping to resume classes after 17th May in accordance with government guidelines.  

Please note public workshops are currently not running due to Covid19 restrictions.

I am hoping to resume workshops after 17th May in accordance with government guidelines.  

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Yoga Mat and Straps

121 Yoga

Need guidance with something specific?  121's are a bespoke services tailored to your needs in your own home.  If you need to work with a specific part of the body, want help learning how to make poses more comfortable, build strength to work up to a particular pose or you are a beginner and want to gain confidence to join public classes..

I offer monthy online guided relaxations hosted via Zoom.  Online practices are perfect if you can't make a physical class for any reason, you can make your space as cosy as you want and even jump straight into bed afterwards!

Meditation Hand Gesture

Online Events


What should I wear to class?

Wear something loose fitting and comfortable, something you are able to move in. You may want to wear layers so that you are warm during the beginning and end of class but can take a layer off when we start to move around. We practice yoga with bare feet, however there are ranges of sticky yoga socks available if you prefer.

What else should I bring with me?

*Yoga Mat *Blanket for relaxation *Water Optional
*Yoga blocks or bricks
*Yoga strap (a belt would work just as well) *Yoga bolster (for Yin classes/workshops, or if you like one during relaxation) I will have a few mats, blocks and straps you can borrow, or I have new ones for sale (borrowed items will be on a first come first served basis so please let me know if there's anything you need)

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Unless I have expressly stated otherwise, I welcome beginners into all of my classes. I offer different variations of all the poses, enabling you to learn at your own pace and we always have a mix of yogis in class at all different stages of their practice so you would be in good company!

Can I still do yoga if I have an injury or health condition?

Yoga can be practiced by all, but choosing the right kind of yoga for you is important, contact me if you have any specific concerns or issues you would like to discuss and we can make sure you choose the right classes. Any serious health issues or injuries, please be sure to check with your GP before either starting or continuing a physical practice.