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Astrology & Readings

Astrology, Lunar Living, Tarot and Oracle Cards are all tools to help us to look inwards, to learn about ourselves in a deep and compassionate way.  We can get really close and personal to our true selves and learn how to use our unique and particular gifts to take better care of ourselves inside and out.
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Astrology Readings

Whether you have questions or are just curious, your reading will connect you to your soul with true compoassion and love.  When we understand why we do certain things, or react a certain way we can learn to shift the stories we tell ourselves. A personalised reading can help you to realign with your souls potential.

Working with the lunar cycles can teach us so much.  As cyclical beings we need to learn when to work and when to rest and we can use the moon to help guide our way.  Circles are also a great way to connect with other, likeminded souls and create sisterhoods like no other.

*Until further notice, all circles are being held online as per government restrictions


New & Full Moon Circles